Monday, 19 February 2007

Apple's Wireless Mighty Mouse is...

Apple's Wireless Mighty Mouse

Not as mighty as it may seem. It started off like a dream. Worked perfectly. Left click here, right click there. Scrolling up/down/left/right with the 360 degree scroll ball. Moving with lighting-fast precisions thanks to the laser tracking. But alas, that was 5 months ago and now, all is not well.

The laser tracking complete with on/off switch

The right click only works half the time unless switched on and off. The scroll ball has gotten stuck and now only scrolls down if pressed hard enough. Plus to top it all off, the bottom of the mouse is coming undone. All these problems seem to be hindering what used to be the perfect mouse.

The bottom of the mouse, which is meant to be flat.

But there is hope. According to Wikipedia (Not the best source, but a source none the less), Apple has "silently" fixed these problems. "Users report, that the Mighty Mouse (as of February 2006) runs much more smoothly and the scroll ball stays cleaner than the prior builds, and that the durability has gone up as well."

So thanks to Apple's One Year Warranty, I am going to go and try to replace my mouse this weekend, and just maybe, everything will be back to the way it was.


i am sunni said...

Man I love apple's recognition of its own dodgey products...if it weren't for its great warrantees no one would ever buy an apple product again.

simonlenton said...

Hey, cheers for the comment on Blogger today. You've got a point about the Mac Duo. I did thae same thing and now have no N Wifi on my mac... and my schools just upgraded... maybe the apple warranty will cover that =D fingers crossed anywho.

Good luck with the Mouse!