Sunday, 29 April 2007

Vista and Macbook

At the moment, I'm trying to install Vista Ultimate onto my Macbook. Last night I successfully installed it onto Parallels and now I'm trying to upgrade my XP Boot Camp partition to Vista. Unfortunately, it didn't go as smoothly as I had planned.

For one reason or another, a black screen popped up for a very long time. I left it for a while, and nothing seemed to happen. I tried moving the mouse to see if it was asleep but nothing. So I decided to kill the computer and reboot. Bad move.

Now it won't even boot up. (Windows that is) It goes to the start up screen, a blue screen flashes and it automatically reboots. Not exactly what you want to see. Fortunately, nothing has happened to my OS X partition, which I am now using to pull all of my data off my Windows partition so I can do a fresh install.

Will post back after I have finished, whether it means I have successfully installed Vista, or I have completely botched it.

After 2 hours of waiting on a black screen I got fed up forced a reboot. Unlike what happened earlier today, it has actually seemed to work. It booted up into a set-up and now Windows is checking my computers performance.

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